The Future of Mental Health


Caring for our mental wellbeing is not a new conversation. But as we were all thrust into a pandemic, enduring a collective and disruptive trauma, none of us was left unscathed — and many people who had previously approached the subject of mental health with shame or trepidation got more comfortable talking openly about it.

In this docu-series, we’re taking that conversation to a new frontier: the future. We’ll explore topics such as: how our ever-changing technological environment is impacting brain development; how our understanding of trauma and its effects on both the brain and the body is evolving; and cutting edge new treatments, like psychedelics and EMDR therapy.

Unafraid to enter territory once-thought “taboo”, we’re delving into not only the latest research, but also the stories of real people who have taken the plunge and are ready to share their experiences with these new treatments.

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