Our global network of creative, financial, legal and operational collaborators along-side our wholly owned subsidiary Digital Harvest Capital (DHC).


Robert Profusek (Founder & CEO + Executive Producer):
Matthew Dutton (Creative Director):
Rick Rhoades (Communications):
Christine LaRocca (Controller):
Matt Martinez (Social Media):
Jennifer Vanlalruati (Assistant):
Bob Profusek (Legal - Corporate):
Nicole Compas (Legal - Entertainment):
Paul Sarlo (Accounting):
Sela Foster (Creative Strategy + Design):
Abby Kessler (Intern):
Youssef Lahlou (Associate Producer):
Shoshana Ehrenkranz (Associate Producer):

Story + Ideation

Cary McClelland (Creative Consultant):
Sarah Yalowitz (Creative Consultant):
Paula Goldstein (Creative Consultant):
Daniel Hilsinger (Creative Consultant):
Dorie Hagler (Creative Consultant):
Andrew Schweibold (Consultant):

Creative Production

Maritza Cayo (Producer):
Gigi Dement (Producer):
Nick Sylvester (Designer):
Carlos Briceno (Digital Product + UI/UX):

Post Production

Lee Manansala (Editor):
Matt Porwoll (Color):
Cristian Cardozo Puig (Motion + Animation):
Carlos “Storm” Martinez (Audio):
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