Garnier Pride Documentary Series


Develop a series of short documentary films celebrating Pride month, queer culture and the liberating and empowering role that beauty plays in allowing people to be and feel their true and authentic selves.  Each profile will focus on a different queer individual discussing their lives and experiences through the lens of empowerment, acceptance, love, community and personal expression.

Visually, each episode is a combination of soft/inviting/intimate documentary interview footage edited together with day-of behind-the-scenes coverage (in the makeup chair chatting with the director off camera, engaging with crew/others, etc.), personal at-home/in-environment testimonials and archival/personal photo and video from the subject’s younger years and broader life.

While we wanted the Garnier and L'Oreal brands to be a character, our heroes were the individuals via their truthful, honest and emotional stories met with the energy of and reflection implicit during Pride month.  We wanted to celebrate the individual and queer culture that made these segments resonate with online audiences and beyond.

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